Do I need a management plan to harvest timber from my property?

The short answer is “No”. Forest management plans are recommended for those individuals or groups that want or need a long range plan developed that considers current conditions, along with goals and objectives, and charts a course for how to meet those goals. A forest management plan is important in these instances because an activity that changes the forest, like a harvest, takes years to decades before the desired end result is achieved and it is important for future owners and managers to know what the goal of the past activities were in order to chart the best course going forward.

However, Some individuals and groups prefer to manage in a more “on-demand” style, contacting IFM when they feel some activity should take place. These activities can be one-time entries that capture value, while setting stands up to maximize growth and/or value for long periods of time.

IFM recommends a management plan to almost all clients with 10 acres or more forested land.

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