What are you company’s core values?


At IFM we believe that landowners can be good stewards of the environment by managing land for a multitude of benefits for the short and long term, without sacrificing the qualities we have come to love and expect from our woodlands. Stewardship to us means an ever-present understanding of our resources and a devotion to education, both for us as professionals, and to our clients. We hope to pass our knowledge onto our clients so they may be better advocates for their own goals, the resource at large and society as a whole.


At IFM we believe that our forests, and the products that come from them, will continue to be an intricate part of our social fabric and our economy. From that point of view, we strive to manage with a conservative approach that will ensure a dependable source of products and services to the local and global market. We also wish to help provide for a healthy and functioning ecosystem as well as clean air and water. As a final understanding of sustainability, we also advocate for a healthy forest products industry that will continue to recognize the value of forest stewardship.


At IFM we serve a large and diverse clientele and treat them all with the same respect and attention to detail they deserve. Whether you own 5 acres, or 50,000 acres you can rest assured that our expert team will work diligently to understand your needs and goals and carry out our mission with integrity. By acting with integrity we mean to treat our clients, our employees and our contractors fairly and honestly.