How We Do It

IFM prides itself on its ability to offer the “total package” to its clients. With a large breadth of understanding, experience and technology we offer a range of services, found under one roof, that other forest managers do not. We strive to continue to learn and understand new science, techniques, technology and markets, offering a dynamic alternative in an ever-changing world.

At IFM we are professional with real-world experience and we have access to an extensive network of associated professionals in the industry. We are licensed to practice forestry in the States of Maine and New Hampshire, and we are accredited by SAF’s Certified Forester program. These accolades help you, the client, to know you are working with trustworthy individuals, exceedingly capable of handling your goals.

Helping landowners achieve their natural resource goals that are alligned with our core values is our passion. We enjoy the outdoors, tackling complex problems and working with the diverse array of landowners to help them understand, appreciate and value their forestland. We see it as our mission to promote a brand of forestry that sets us, and our clients, above the bar in the community. If you are interested in better forest health, more solid economic returns and a broader understanding of your forest than we urge you to join our team.

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    More About Forest Management

    If you are interested in managing your forests for a multitude of goals, you want to know you’re in good hands with a company that can get your work done and return the best possible economic results in the market today. We have worked hard over our collective years in the industry to forge relationships with a diverse array of forest products companies. Additionally, our large client base affords us favorable pricing and treatment at these facilities, which translates into more money for our clients. With our integrated use of experience, education and technology we offer an efficient package that saves you more time, more money and the worry of a poor job. If you own land and want to see it be healthier, more productive and generate a sustainable income stream, give us a call to find out how we can help.