Land Trusts

If you are a manager, partner or member of the large and growing number of land trusts is New England odds are you share our passion for conservation. We would also bet that you are invested in the mission of seeing a healthy, intact and productive ecosystem that provides a multitude of benefits, for a multitude of people. At IFM we realize that Land Trusts have special needs in terms of long term forest assessment and management. With large memberships, boards of directors and the full gamut of resource goals and responsibilities, we can help you put it all into perspective. As our team comes from a diverse background, we can help crystallize Land Trust goals into a comprehensive, long-range plan that meets the needs of the Trust. These goals include forest health, soil and water quality, opportunities for wildlife and recreation and protection of special areas, to name just a few. We have experience in working with several local Trusts already and stand ready to share what we have learned with additional Trust clients. We understand your mission of exemplary sustainability and have the knowledge, the tools and the contacts to ensure your Trust continues to carry out its mission of social responsibility. If you are a member of a Land Trust and you have not talked with a Natural Resource Professional, we urge you to give us a call.