If you are a Town Manager, or a citizen, your town may own, or have rights to public parcels of land. Whether it was donated to the town, or purchased, whether it is for recreation, aesthetics or to protect water quality IFM can help ensure it is being managed properly and with due care. We at IFM recognize that publicly owned land requires special attention as it serves a wide variety of opportunities to a diverse group. We also recognize that many municipalities do not have the in-house resources to properly look after these properties and with local budgets being stretched, these properties are often overlooked. We understand these concerns, and can help municipalities rest assured their assets are being well taken care of. From initial assessment to plan development and implementation we can help guide your project from start to finish. In many cases we can help manage Town Forests and Parks with little to no up-front costs and can help put money back into town coffers to help defer costs of other projects. We offer a large portfolio of options and are willing to work long-term with municipalities ensuring their needs are met now, and long into the future. IFM can work with Select Boards, committees or specially appointed personnel effectively so as not to draw precious time away from more urgent matters modern towns must deal with. If your town owns land, please consider an investment in IFM that will pay back your community with healthy opportunities for many decades to come. Please give us a call.