What We Do

At IFM we understand that managing forests is not just about the trees any longer. With our diverse background we offer an integrated understanding of forestry, wildlife, soil and water quality, aesthetics, social issues and economics. We employ a sophisticated technology portfolio that allows us to put the right tools to work, in the right places. Whether you need detailed mapping and inventory work, road and infrastructure development, forest-type and stand delineation. All of this is packaged together in a service that results in the greatest value for our customers. Our sole focus is on meeting our clients’ objectives. Part of our integrated strategy includes being available for virtually any project, or portion thereof, at an involvement level chosen by the client. Whether we are hired to give objective, professional advice, help with a particular piece of a large or small project, or entrusted to manage an entire ownership over any length of time, IFM caters itself to your needs.

Specific Services We Provide: